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  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) in Medical Aesthetics
    The use of autologous (your own) platelet rich plasma (taken from your blood) for tissue repair started in the 1990’s. By 2006 it was being used across many fields of Read more
  • Progesterone benefits and management
    In my previous article I explained some important details of estrogen dosing and monitoring.  Let’s look now at how naturally-derived progesterone is safe and effective for short and long term, Read more
  • Overwhelming benefits of testosterone replacement
    Overwhelming benefits of testosterone replacementAt a 2013 Annual Meeting sponsored by The Endocrine Society, many of the speakers were from the international endocrinology community. They praised testosterone replacement therapy for Read more
  • Why are you gaining weight. Part 5
    Why are you gaining weight. I previously discussed how low thyroid function is different than low thyroid hormone levels on blood testing. They are not one in the same. In this Read more
  • Why are you gaining weight. Part 4
    Why are you gaining weight – part 4I’d like to share with you how hormone imbalance are quite commonly hidden causes of weight gain. The hormones most directly involved here Read more
  • Cleanses to for medication/xenobiotic causes of weight gain. Part 3
    Cleanses to for medication/xenobiotic causes of weight gain.In this blog you will get the detailed instructions on two important cleanses described previously.  Bile tract cleanse protocolYour liver drains out chemical Read more
  • Causes for weight gain. Part 2
    Causes for weight gain part 2Let me share with you the prescription medications that cause weight gain. Similarly, unnatural chemicals (xenobiotics) can cause you to put on unwanted storage fat. Read more
  • Why are you gaining weight? Part 1
    Why are you gaining weight?My patients often ask me for ideas as to why they are gaining weight. It’s no secret that weight gain isn’t only from eating too much Read more
  • Beware of vegetable oils such as canola oil
    Beware of vegetable oils such as canola oilWe all consume canola oil and other similar vegetable oils.  Confusion about the health value of vegetable oils exists that I would like Read more
  • Thyroid affects everything in your body
    Low thyroid function Read more
  • Facial fine lines and wrinkles
     Facial fine lines and wrinkles are the top three skin concerns among my patients ages 30 to 50. I’ll share what contributes to the cause of these, and ways to Read more
  • Hyperpigmented and vascular skin lesions
    After skin wrinkles and sagging skin, the next most common skin concerns I see in theoffice are darkened (hyperpigmented) skin patches and growths, and also vascular skinblemishes (i.e. telangectasias and Read more
  • Estrogen excess in men
    What do we know about estrogen in men? We know a lot. More than just tanking men’s testosterone levels, estrogen excess is related to other health problems. Let’s look at Read more
  • Reversing Diabetes naturally
    To many of you, the claim that diabetes can be reversed through nutrition may sound like wishful thinking. The mainstream medicine the belief is that “once a diabetic, always a Read more
  • Cellulite
    Did you know that nearly ninety percent of women over age 20 (and less than five percent of men) experience cellulite? In this article I’ll tell you what I’ve learned Read more
  • Check your Omega-3 oils—not your cholesterol—to predict death risk
    Check your Omega-3 oils—not your cholesterol—to predict death risk I have previously explained that serum cholesterol measurements have limited value to predict heart disease. If it is a test you want Read more

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